Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Housemaid Makover

My housemaid, Yanti 17 years old (very young, right?) want me to make over her. She wants to attend her friend's wedding party this evening. I said i'll makeover her for free ^^. She seems happy to hear that..
I don't want to charge fee for her just helping her to save some money.

So, here's Yanti before and after :

she looks like an actress right? ;p

I inspired Alexander Wang and fish tail braid for the hair do. This hairstyle is one of my favorite.

Minka Kelly did fish tail braid

Yanti had already has a boyfriend (yaa..we know she's 17 years old! but look at her friend's? just married~ no wonder) hahaha..Hope her boyfriend likes Yanti makeover :))

Yanti becomes stylist!

Thank's for reading my beauty blog, hope you like & enjoy it 
Stay young and pretty


  1. gelooo make overnya mantab mel... hahahaha...pembantu siapa ini teh?

  2. hahaha makasih yaa :))
    pembantu kosan tom ~ ~