Saturday, December 1, 2012

10 Beautiful Womans Favorite Morgan Makeup

10. Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning is the younger sister from Dakota Fanning (actress). She has Irish, German, English and French ancestry. I love her because she has sweet character, down to earth and innocent face :) Of course for good acting in every movies she has done.

09. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez reminds me like Latin beautiful woman. Her father is Mexican and mother is part Italian. I love her because of humble and honor heart. Helping and doing donation everywhere. What a kind and beautiful woman!

08. Alexis Bledel

I really like her baby doll's face. Like a living barbie doll i think. Her father was born in Argentina and mother in Phoenix, Arizona. He has sweet, innocent and kind hearted character. her so much <3 <3

07. Camilla Belle

Another Latin beautiful woman's face that i adore so much, Camilla Belle. She is actually Brazilian (mother) American (father).  I like her defined eyebrows. She also involved in various charities :) I adore charity's people <3

06. Emily Browning

First time i love her when i saw her movie "Sucker Punch". Emily Browning is an Australian film actress, fashion model and singer also. Her face looks like a doll too. I love her lips shape and nude face. So cute <3

05. Amanda Seyfried

Mysterious and beautiful woman I can say for Amanda Seyfried. Amanda was born in Pennsylvania and she has German ancestry. I always love her movie. Amazed with her acting that's naturally so good. She is suitable in every dark movies (mystery, murderer, horror). 

04. Leighton Meester 

Everybody must be know her! (especially girls). She is a co-star in Gossip Girl film series. Leighton is very classic, sweety, girly, and fashionable. Her face is suitable for Blair's character (Gossip Girl). She was born in Texas. 

03. Blake Lively

One of most fashionable woman in the world! She is tall, skinny, blonde and has a handsome husband! What a perfect life i can say <3 She is a co-star in Gossip Girl film series too. She was born in Los Angeles. 

02. Miranda Kerr

Looking at her make me asking to God " Is she truly angel from heaven?" hahahaha. And well actually she is one of Victoria's Secret Angel in this world not heaven ;p Miranda is a beautiful woman, wife and model. She was born in Sydney. Love her face so much! I like woman with innocent and barbie doll's face. Miranda has it all!

01. Kristen Stewart

Number one is for Kristen Stewart! yayyyy... Everybody must be agree with me right?  She is the most beautiful woman because she is a vampire and mortal! hahaha LOL. Kristen was born in California. I can not describe what i like her most. But every time i saw her i just can say "WOW!" 

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