Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Preview Book of Shadows Vol.IV by Urban Decay

"Yayy..finally i get this palette!" that was i said when i got a packet from JNE. I bought this palette from Facebook online shop and the price was higher than real price T_T. It's OK than i had to bought ticket to US :( The price at online shop is about 70$, real price is $64.
So here's the palette :

what a graffiti palette!

it has butterfly pop up inside! WOW..very exclusive!

Here's the name of shadows , from left to right :

bust, missionary, skimp, zephyr
midnight cowgirl, sin, midnight rodeo, crystal
bender, gravity, lost, hijack
blue bus, gunmetal, cobra, baked

include : Eyeliner liquid 24/7 Waterproof Perversion
               Supercurl curling mascara
               Eyeshadow Primer Potion
               Speaker by Urban Decay

This palette is well designed and very exclusive also limited edition! :)

Thank you for reading my beauty blog
Stay exclusive and pretty always 


  1. warnanya bagus yah mel.. keluar banget... hm.. beda 6 dolar mah cingcay lah... itung2 ongkir beli ke US yah ^^

  2. iya tom bagus..gw suka warna yang bender..gree tea holic ^^ u suka yg mana? ;p

  3. mel, me love reading your blog! I'm not that great doing make-up, but your blog is really inspiring, although your stuff's price are quite expensive but i love how you represent them. just keep blogging!

  4. Great Blog, :)

  5. @ AIU : thank you...>.< keep reading my beauty blog ;D
    @ Yuse : thank you too Yuse ;D