Friday, July 25, 2014

Jump Street

Hai everyone!

I just wanna say "Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslim in the world!"
It's gonna be a long long weekend :D So prepare your happy mood, stay healthy and of course safe money! You don't wanna get bankrupt after long holiday, right? xixixi :D

I hope you enjoy each and every moment of it. May God accept your fasts and prayers.
Enjoy your Day! :)

:: Outfit ::

Top : @stylesholic (Instagram)
Jeans : Salad | @salad_hk 
Sport Shoes : NIKE
Makeup : Morgan Makeup
Photographer : Ferdian S.K

Thursday, July 17, 2014

White Blue at Dulang Resort & Resto

Hai everyone!

Today I was visiting new place in Bandung, Dulang Resort & Resto. People said this place like Ubud (Bali) in Bandung.
I admit that this place is very cozy to chill out and refreshing from urban bustle.

Hmm.. what I was thinking when I saw this view " Let's jump to the pool!" 
I was so excited >.<


But the sun was very hot, so I had to wait and I ordered a drink named Red Mocktail.

So fresh and delicious! There are mint, strawberry, sunkist inside a drink.

Suitable for hangout with arisan friends :)

Let me introduce you, my talented boyfriend as my photographer also. 
He is Ferdian Kriswandhani.

and I am Melisa Morgan :)

It's time for photoshoot before swimming. Wanna see my best shots? 
Here we go :

It's boring if I keep that became a model. So I asked my boyfriend to pose.
 He was fit to be a model, right? :p

Good view to be true!
So, are you interest to visit this place and ready to chill out ?

Dulang Resort & Resto
Alamat: Jl. Pabrik Gitar, Pagerwangi, Lembang, 40391, Indonesia
Telepon:+62 22 2785020

Thank you for reading this post and I'll see you in another post. 

Melisa Morgan

:: Outfit ::

Blue dress : Mille Clothing
Heels : Staccato
Makeup : Morgan Makeup
Photographer : Ferdian Satria Kriswandhani

Friday, July 11, 2014

Chaca is Celebrating 4th Birthday Party

Hai everyone!

Today is Chaca's birthday. Who doesn't know Chaca? Put your hands up!
Well let me introduce you, Chaca is my lovely cute dog. She is a red toy poodle and today she is celebrating her 4th birthday party. She is so cute and lovely...I mean it! So, wanna see my Chaca?


So cute right?

She loves smiling

What a silly face! xP

I bought her mocha tart cake because she likes mocha tart.
Btw, what a nice dress Chaca!

This cake is from Anata Bakery, Bandung. 
So delicious... My boyfriend and Chaca like this cake also.

She can't wait to taste the cake :) 
Please be patient! Take pictures first then you can eat the cake as you like, Chaca. 

Okay mom! Oukayy..

My boyfriend put a birthday cap to her and she looked so happy.

Awww...she looks so happy today! I am the most happy person seeing her smiling like that :))

:: Happy Birthday to you Chaca! be nice, pretty and kind dog yaa..::
Love you to the moon and back, back again and back again without plane crash! Hahaha..


Melisa Morgan

PS : I am wearing this lovely ribbon tattoo from @potatoo1 follow their Instagram

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chanel Inspiration Black and White

Hai everyone!

For today look I was inspired by Chanel Spring 2014. This outfit was wearing by Diane Kruger. I was so inspired by her. Unfortunately, my hair is not blonde like her. I wish someday my mom allow me to have blonde hair *expectingmuch.  So, let's take a look :

Just simple, I am pairing this outfit with my favorite black hat and comfy black heels.

And I am trying to pair with my rose white cardigan.

Which one do you like best? With or without cardigan?

Don't forget to follow my Instagram @melisaamorgan and I hope you inspired by this look too.
I'll see you in another post!


Melisa Morgan

:: Outfit ::

Top and Bottom : Chanel Inspiration
Cardigan : Dorothy Perkins
Hat : Carla Boutique
Shoes : Staccato
Talented Photographer : Ferdian S.K

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

White Rose Brocade

Hai everyone!

Today I am gonna show you how I am pairing my white rose cardigan from Dorothy Perkins All About Rose Collections with white brocade skirt. I always love outfit with feminine touch. As you know, I like wearing feminine style look :)

So wanna see my best shots? Here we go..

This style is very suitable for attending fashion party, fashion week or launching fashion products.

 This high heels always be my favorite. It's easy to pair with all kind of outfits.

So, don't be afraid to express yourself through the clothes you are wearing. Because fashion maybe change but style is eternal. 

Hope you have fun reading this post. I'll see you in another post!

Melisa Morgan

:: Outfit ::

Cardigan : Dorothy Perkins (All About Rose Collections)
Skirt : Est Plus
Heels : Staccato
Hat : Carla Boutique
Photographer : Ferdian S.K