Saturday, September 13, 2014

Liese Hair Bubble Color in Cassis Berry

Hai everyone!

Today I want to review Liese Hair Bubble Color in Cassis Berry which I bought at Sasa Singapore. This is colored hair product from brand KAO, Japan. The price is about $19.90 (Singapore dollar).

And this is what will you get in the Liese's box.

My boyfriend chosen this color for me. He think that this color is suitable for me. The name is kinda cute too ^^ 

Before that, I wanna show you my last hair condition before using Liese :

Yapp.. my black hair has already showed up. Need to cover it up!

So, let's take a look how to apply Liese bubble hair :

Wait and leave for about 20-30 minutes for best result. Don't be bored! :)

I love the bubbles ^^

And here's my new hair with Liese Bubble Color in Cassis Berry, TARAA :

No more black hair. The black hair has already filled with the new color.
I really satisfied with the result and it's very easy to use. You don't need going to salon for expense much money just using Liese Bubble Hair Color!

Now, I am ready to mingle with my new hair.
 It's very cool to have a new hair color within 30 minutes. 
You should try! :)

Thank you for reading this post!
I hope you enjoy reading and I'll see you in another post.

Melisa Morgan


  1. Ini di jakarta belum ada yg jual y??

  2. Kayanya harus beli online atau langsung ke Sasa :)