Monday, October 28, 2013

Black Lace Blair Waldorf for Halloween Inspiration

Hai everyone! 
What are you wearing for Halloween costumes?

I was inspired to be a Blair Waldorf for one day. Halloween doesn't always mean to look freaky and ugly right ? :)   

Blair Waldorf is my favorite girl in Gossip Girl the series. She has been an inspiration for me in fashion style and dressing. 

Classic, feminine, fabulous, vintage and chic are really reflecting the personality of Blair Waldorf 's style.

Don't forget to add a headband, because headband is so Blair Waldorf!

So here's my style for Halloween costume : Be a Blair Waldorf in one day and ready to go to the Upper Eastside! See you there!
I hope this look inspired you guys :)

: Outfit :
Bow Cardigan : Red Valentino
Lace skirt : Red Valentino
Bag : Red Valentino
Shoes : Staccato
Headband : Red Valentino
Earrings : New Look
Makeup : MORGAN Makeup
Photographer : Ferdian S.K

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Warm Sweater

 Hai everyone!

Today Bandung city had wind and rain. I need to wear sweater to keep my body warm and not freezing. I decided pairing my tiger sweater with skirt and high heels for feminine look.

 I am giving collar accent on my sweater. Looks like school girl right? :p

I really love this pattern skirt. Very suitable paired with my tiger sweater and showing feminine look.

You will never go wrong with simple bag. Because simple is perfect!

Wearing brown shoes are giving warmth when it used even when you are get rained though.

Thank you for reading my fashion post. I hope you like it and get inspired by this look :D

: Outfit :
Sweater : Kenzo
Collar shirt : No brand
Skirt : No brand
Earrings : New Look
Bag : Red Valentino
Shoes : Tod's
Makeup : MORGAN Makeup
Photographer : Ferdian S.K

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Story Tale

Little Ballerina, dance for me,
A delightful scene for anyone to see.
On your tiptoes ever so light,

You dance with magic through the night.
Across the floor you flow with ease,
Little Ballerina, dance for me, please.

I watch you glide with splendor and grace,
As a smile of innocense beams on your face.
Prancing about with magic in your feet,
A wonder to see like an angel so sweet.

Little Ballerina, dance with flair,
Swirling and turning through the air.

Hands moving with the music as you go,
A fantasy to see with a magical flow.

Dance upon dreams that play in your mind,
Upon the dance floor miracles to find.

Feet moving so graceful with ease,
Little Ballerina, dance for me, please.
By Wanda Christian Stirewalt 

 : Outfit :
Top : Anna Gross
Skirt : Dior
Shoes : Red Valentino
Socks : Gosh
Necklace : Chanel
Pearl Earrings : New Look
Makeup : MORGAN Makeup
Photographer : Ferdian S.K

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We Love Autumn : Staccato & Fimela Competition

The breezy autumn season is here! Show your best Autumn look, be the inspirations to others and get one of these gorgeous Autumn shoes collection from us!

1. Follow @Staccato_id on Twitter
2. Like our Facebook Fanpage Staccato Indonesia
3. Upload your best Autumn look in our Fanpage or Twitter with hashtag#WeLoveAutumn, mention @staccato_id and Fimela Media

I decided to participate in the competition which is held by Staccato and Fimela by theme #WeLoveAutumn. You can join this competition until October 13 with a pair of shoes free gifts and vouchers IDR 500,000! Yayyy...

So let's check out my style!

Styling this competition I combine gray cape, motif shirt, comfy jeans and pair of my favorite clogs from Staccato :)

Bow bag complete my autumn look and show up my personality (girly + feminine).


Adding nice and simple bracelet is important to make the whole look done!

Do not forget wearing my favorite clogs with elegant design, edgy and of course warm up my feet :)

Thank you for reading my fashion post. I hope you are inspired by this look and don't forget to join this competition. I wish luck for me and you!
XOXO #WeLoveAutumn

: Outfit :
Clogs : Staccato
Bracelet : nobrand
Makeup : MORGAN Makeup
Photographer : Ferdian S.K

Sunday, October 6, 2013

ColorFall - Winter Look

Hi everyone!
Nothing feels already entered the fall-winter season again!
For me, fall-winter does not mean we have to wear dark colored clothes. There is no wrong wearing brighter clothes to welcome the fall-winter :) But in Indonesia only has two seasons, namely summer and rainy. Not a problem as long as we can enjoy it right?
Styling this time, I inspired by the fall-winter season and I used a mix of bright colors.

My makeup style for this look, give dark color of the eyeshadow (not too much) to give the impression of entering the fall-winter season. For a colorful impression using bright pink lipstick.

 Shorts with leaf fall leaf print is very suitable welcoming fall-winter. 
Don't forget carrying lovely colorful bag too!

 Beautiful cardigan with sparkling floral ornaments needed to keep warm.

I chose accessories bracelet with accents colorful flowers.

Floral accents can be found on my nude shoes as well.

Are you ready welcoming color fall winter season?

Thank you for reading my fashion post. I hope you like it and inspired by my style :)

: Outfit :
Cardigan : Red Valentino
Top : Topshop
Shorts : Givenchy
Earrings : New Look
Bracelet : No brand
Bag : Valentino
Shoes : Lavender
Makeup : MORGAN Makeup
Photographer : Ferdian S.K