Monday, April 30, 2012

dodo real loose powder "sweet deco"

Have you heard this cosmetic brand before?
dodo is a korean cosmetic. I bought dodo when i was in Guangzhou, China and I forgot about the price but it's not really expensive. And I want to show you my result of redesign dodo real loose powder with handmade clay.

I took this picture at Google. This is the real package before I redesign it.

Here's the result : " SWEET DECO dodo real loose powder"

so sweet right? ^^

i bought dodo real loose powder no. 02

My another hobby is making "sweet" clay. People usually say "deco" in Japanese language.
Now, dodo real loose powder become "dodo real sweet loose powder" in my hand :p

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Hope you like it :)
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sparkling Lickable Body Powder Marshmallow Urban Decay Preview

Do you like marshmallow?

I love marshmallow when i was a little. Every kids must be love marshmallow <3
So, how about when we are growing up? Do we still like marshmallow?

I do..
Especially when marshmallow sparkling on my body..Do you curious what it is?

Here it is :

Urban Decay Marshmallow Sparkling Lickable Body Powder

A pretty veil of shimmer that looks, smells and TASTES like its namesake.

Price : from $29.00 ---> $7.00,default,pd.html

WARNING : Do not ingest. Marshmallow is for kissing and licking but it's not a food substitute.

The smell is so good!

You can use this powder when you have dinner, party glam or clubbing. You will look stunning with sparkle marshmallow on your body :)

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One Day Makeup with BAM

Today i have a great time makeup with BAM! :)
Who's BAM?

Let me introduce BAM. BAM stands for Birgitta Angelika Mariana. She's one of my favorite makeup artist in Bandung. She calls her makeup project with MAKARA. Here's her Facebook link
My mom and I love her makeup result <3 <3

BAM at work

I think she is a professional makeup artist. She has lot's of portfolio makeup. Let me show you some BAM's makeup portfolio :

Very awesome right? 

I had an appointment with BAM on March to teach me her makeup technique and she was agree :)) yayyy!
So today we do it and here's the preparation :

Look how serious i am! hahaha trying so hard :p

Here's the final look :)

Natural make-up ala BAM

After the lesson, we are capturing our look with BAM's iPhone. 
Honestly after seeing iPhone (BAM's iPhone) with instagram application, i really want to have it.
Please somebody give me i-Phone! \ >.< /

Thank you for teaching me BAM :) Really appreciate and love it! 

Stay young and beautiful always 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cyber Colors Mega Curl Mascara Preview

When i was in Malaysia, i visited Sasa. Sasa is one of bigger cosmetic's shop in Asia. For makeup freak like me must visit Sasa!

I decided to bought Cyber Colors Mega Curl Mascara. I never heard this brand before but the shop's assistant told me this brand come from Korea. Yaa, as makeup freak I never mind to try >.<

Price : $ 17.40

I like the brush shape because looks like a comb. It can more easy to curl your lashes.

My mascara code : 01 Black MegaCurl Mascara 6g / 0.21 oz
Made in Italy?
Maybe this brand fabric in Italy. So cool right? Korean product but made in Italy :)

How to use :
Sweep gently the roots of upper eyelashes to the tips with the side of mascara brush. Sweep vertically on lower eyelashes with the tip of mascara brush

BEFORE (my decrease lashes)


Mega Curl! Hahahaha...

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fig Body Scrub Wash Skinfood Preview

Do you fig fruit?
Honestly i recently know that fig is buah ara / buah tin (Indonesia language) ara fruit / tin fruit..hahaha..I didn't know the English name of buah ara before is fig.

Fig is come from Middle East. Bottanically fig belong to the mulberry family.

Fig is naturally rich in many health benefiting phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants and vitamins. Dried figs in fact are concentrated source of minerals and vitamins.

Skin food has body wash product from fig fruit. This body wash has rich foam, it gently and effectively exfoliates dry, dead skin with fig and papaya extracts, sponge gourd fiber, and scrub particles, leaving 
skin silky-smooth. 

The price is about $27 for capacity 260 ml

nice bottle packaging

How to use :
When showering, foam desired amount onto shower ball or shower glove and massage gently onto skin. Focusing on areas in need of exfoliation. Rinse thoroughly with water.
Contains scrub particles, eliminating need for separate scrub product.

Now, you're ready to have a silky-smooth skin :)
My mom loves this body wash, she likes the odor because so soft and fresh.

So, thank you for reading my beauty blog
Keep fresh and pretty always!

Friday, April 20, 2012

SkinFood Green Coffee Lip Scrub Preview

Sometimes we forget taking care one important thing of our body part , it's lips :)
With healthy lips you can create your own beautiful lips color. So i decided to take care my lips with Skinfood Green Coffee Lip Scrub. 

Price : $12.40

This lip scrub throughly exfoliates dry, flaky skin with orange peel and black sugar grains while deeply moisturizing lips with antioxidant enriched free coffee oil.

How to use :

Using this lip scrub, massage lips from one corner of the mouth to the other corner in slow circular motions.
Gently wipe off with tissue or rinse with lukewarm water.

I usually do this before going to bed because when you wakeup in the morning you can feel your lips very smooth and soft. Ready to put lipstick or lipgloss on it! :)

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

SkinFood Pomegranate Shampoo Preview

Skin Food Pomegranate Shampoo (For Hair Loss & Thinning Hair)
Price : $22.40

This shampoo keeps the scalp clean and healthy while minimizing hair loss and promoting growth for dramatic volume.

Benefit : Prevent hair loss and promotes hair growth

How to use : Wet the hair and scalp throughly with warm water, and then apply the shampoo to the hair. Massage and wash off.

This was the result :
My hair before using this product. What a damage hair loss volume!

After using Pomegranate Shampoo from Skin Food
believe it or not i tried it for REAL :)

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Keep Growth and pretty always

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Preview Book of Shadows Vol.IV by Urban Decay

"Yayy..finally i get this palette!" that was i said when i got a packet from JNE. I bought this palette from Facebook online shop and the price was higher than real price T_T. It's OK than i had to bought ticket to US :( The price at online shop is about 70$, real price is $64.
So here's the palette :

what a graffiti palette!

it has butterfly pop up inside! WOW..very exclusive!

Here's the name of shadows , from left to right :

bust, missionary, skimp, zephyr
midnight cowgirl, sin, midnight rodeo, crystal
bender, gravity, lost, hijack
blue bus, gunmetal, cobra, baked

include : Eyeliner liquid 24/7 Waterproof Perversion
               Supercurl curling mascara
               Eyeshadow Primer Potion
               Speaker by Urban Decay

This palette is well designed and very exclusive also limited edition! :)

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