Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bobbi Brown 20th Anniversary 1991 Lip Palette

OMO! the colors are gorgeous!..That the first i thought when i saw this palette..
My mom admitted that the lipstick colors of Bobbi Brown are nice :)

Price : $60

Let's see :

from left to right :
Berry Punch , Atomic Pink
Party Pink, Candied Red
Hot Berry, Blackberry

Here's the complete colors of the palette

I didn't try this one by one so tired hahaha  *lazy girl. Just picked the colors i liked to try ;p
But this palette is recommended for all MUA (Make Up Artist). You just have beautiful colors in one palette and it's BOBBI BROWN. What a lovely! <3 <3

Thanks for reading my beauty blog
Stay young and pretty :)

Winter Dinner Date

I love winter day! Indonesia didn't have winter day. Just rainy dan sunny day we have.
Winter is the coldest season of the year, so i wonder that the colors must be blue, white, grey and dark.
Sometimes i imagine that couples must be romantic when they have dinner date at the winter day..

Here's my makeup look for winter dinner date :

I'm ready for my winter dinner date :)
coat : Chanel
earrings : Chanel

Makeup i used for this look :

Urban Decay Book of shadows vol.4, gunmetal & hijack
Too Faced in your dreams, girly show blush on
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil Zero
Violet hairlashes
Palgantong Powder Pearl Beige
Fairy Drop Mascara
Laura Mercier Eye Basics Wheat
YSL Rouge Volupte 4
Lioele Blooming Gloss, Vanilla Pink

Hope you like this look and become an inspiration :)
Stay young and beauty inner outside!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Anna Sui Eye Color Accent F in 02

I love limited edition! especially for makeup product :)
Anna Sui always launch limited edition makeup and all just CUTE!

So, i tried Anna Sui Eye Color Accent F in 02 because for me the colors are luxury

I don't think it's still available in the Anna Sui counter because i bought this last year, 2011. Hahaha.. -.-
But I just want to share with you how does it look on my creation makeup.

Here's the look :

Anna Sui Cleopatra

I named it Anna Sui Cleopatra because when i see the colors, i remember Cleopatra..:p 
Hahaha too much imagination!

Hope you guys like this makeup look :)

Stay Young and pretty always

My Routine Morning

Hi, good morning guys.. *while i'm writing this blog in the morning :)

Do you have your morning routine? I have and it's a must! My age is 23 years old and realize my skin need more protection. Every woman doesn't want to look old! it's very humanism :p ;p

Here's my morning routine product :

No makeup look of course in the morning ^^

YSL Top Secret Natural Action Exfoliator Granule-free --> the texture liquefies on the skin
Evian Spray --> refreshing and give moisturizer on my skin
Black Raspberry Su Serum Skin Food --> serum for dry skin type
Touche Express Flash Touch YSL --> wakeup eyecare
Black Raspberry Emulsion Skin Food --> moisturizer for dry skin type
Skin Aqua 50 SPF Rohto --> no sticky sun block *reccomended
Kiehl's Lip Balm 15 SPF --> dry lipcare protection

1. Using YSL Top Secret Natural Exfoliator Granule-Free
2. Massage until the texture liquefies on the skin
3. Clean with Evian Spray
4. Applying Black Raspberry Su Serum from Skin Food to take care of dry skin
5. Using Touche Express from YSL to wakeup my eyes
6. Applying Black Raspberry Emulsion press gently to absorb
7. Don't forget to use sun block! I use Skin Aqua 50 SPF
8. For lips protection i use Kiehl's Lip Balm SPF 15

So, what's your morning routine? share with me..:)

Stay young and pretty always

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Campus Day Makeup

Campus for me is very important place to study, hang out with friends and of course looking for cute guys :p Hahaha! But now i'm not available. I'm finally find my cute guy ;p. So, I wanna show you how to look my campus day makeup. Here's makeup i used :

Dr.G BB Cream
Violet Hairlashes
NAKED palette Urban Decay, Naked, Buck, Virgin, Creep
Cyber Colors Eyebrow Pen, Black
Anna Sui Curler
Sephora blush me twice no.2
Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette No.1
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil, Zero
Max Factor Kohl Pencil 010 White
Givenchy Prisme Libre no.5 soft white
Loreal Volume Shocking Mascara
Rubotan EyeAces
MAC lipstick, Satin
MAC lipglass Glamoursun
Bobbi Brown lipstick, Nectarine 1
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

You can wear glasses too! still looks pretty :)

You don't need false eyelashes for campus day makeup..Because it's too much..Just curl your lashes to get natural look. You don't want your teacher ask you : "Do you want study or party?"

After campus day maybe you need relaxing with your girlfriends like coffee shop, mall, cinema, etc..You can change your makeup with this look :

For this look, you need false eyelashes to make you eyes pop! 
Easy right? 
Now, you're ready to hang out! 

Stay young and pretty

Anne & Florio Beauty Buffet

Have you heard Beauty Buffet by Anne & Florio?
I heard that this is a brand local Thailand which offers a beauty products, cosmetics, body and skin care, and hair products.

I found this beauty shop when i visited Bangkok at MBK Shopping Center. MBK is one of the popular shopping center at Bangkok. Tourists and local can find everything like clothing, fashion accessories, handbags, leather products and luggage to furniture, mobile phones, electric appliances, cameras, stationery, and DVDs.

Beauty Buffer has a cute design like a bakery shop i think. Honestly, i was interested to come in cause it's interior design ;p. I found this pictures from Google :

cute uniform >.<

I decided to bought eye shadow bakery cream product no.3 and here's the final result :

my naked look from Beauty Buffet

The colors are soft. It's suitable for your everyday makeup without looking too much :) just try it on guys!

Stay young and pretty always

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Driver's Makeover

Yaa..You'r no wrong! i was make over my private driver. Her name is Rosni and her friends calls Oshin (Japanese Girl) but i call her "aunty Ros". She is 43 years old and finally have two beautiful daughters. She works as a driver and a housewife too. She admited that the last time she's wearing make up when she was married..OMO! she's not feminine as we are :p

Ros with her little daughter at Pizza Hut

so i decided to make over over her..
here's the final result :

can you believe this is her? hehehe

Ros likes a korean woman..she was wearing wig that i bought from online shop ;p 
she's beautiful :) my mom was shocked and told her to makeup everyday ^^

This is the photo with no wig, her real hair

Ros told me that her friends, her sisters, brothers were shocked look after her. They said that she is beautiful and asked her "who's make over you? can i have her BB pin (Blackberry)?" hahaha...Some friends said that she looks like Rossa (Indonesian Singer), because she has a similar name with Rossa.
So if u want to make over just call me and i will make it happen. I am so happy making woman more beautiful as always ^^

Thank's to my mom who lend me her beautiful dresses for this photoshoot :)

Stay young and beautiful always :))

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Too Faced In Your Dreams

Too Faced In Your Dreams is one of my favorite makeup pallete <3 <3

Bulan Januari 2012 me, my dad and my boyfriend  pergi ke Singapore untuk liburan dadakan..karena kita udah pesen tiket dari tahun 2011. Hehehe we were running for cheap's ticket! ;p Gak lupa dong, sebagai makeup artist pasti must visit Sephora! Sephora yang aku kunjungi letaknya di mall ION Orchad dan ada satu lagi di mall Takashimaya tapi tempat yang paling besar sih di ION Orchad hehehe..

Nah..lagi jalan-jalan & muter-muter di ION Orchad Sephora aku nemuin makeup pallete yang udah lama diincer dari Indonesia..TADAA!! Too Faced In Your Dreams $59
the packaging, colors, illustration very cute, right? >.<

Dalam satu pallete kita bisa menciptakan tiga gaya sekaligus yaitu : Natural Beauty, Feminine Flirty, dan Seductively Smokey. Uniknya ada penjelasan step by step makeup sesuai dengan tema masing-masing lohh.. Natural Beauty untuk gaya makeup sehari-hari dan tampilan"tanpa" makeup (nude makeup). Feminine Flirty untuk makeup date with your lovely boyfriend, hari valentine, dan tampilan girly look. Seductively Smokey cocok untuk pesta di malam hari dan pergi clubbingSo here is my look :)

I am creating my own look from this pallete ^^
Makeup pallete ini wajib dimiliki untuk kita yang senang bereksperimen dengan berbagai tampilan dan tentunya tersedia semua dalam satu palettePallete ini sering aku bawa ke luar negeri pada saat liburan lohh.. Gak usah lagi deh bawa blush onlipstick, dan eyeshadow secara terpisah just take this pallete and everything is pretty :) Your holiday must be beautiful..

XOXO stay young and pretty!
-MORGAN makeup artist-

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My First Beauty Blog

Yeaayyy..finally i have my beauty blog..i've been waiting so long and my friend Thomas Kurniawan a.k.a TK made it come true ^^. Very very big thanks to him. He always support what i do....<3 <3 my good friend T-T

Hmm,,i still confuse about "what language do i use in this blog?" maybe if i want to go international i have to use English but Bahasa is more easy expressing my feeling. So i decide to use both! yeayyy...sometimes i'll use English and sometimes i use Bahasa. Just fair, right? LOL

I love <3 makeup since i was in junior high school. I remember my mom used to buy some cosmetics like press powder, lipstick, eyeshadow, nail color, moisturizer etc. And i liked testing all on my face when my mom's not there..yaaa little things i need i said  haha! after that i shoot myself with "catchy style" with my phone camera. I used Nokia 6680 which had 2 cameras in front and the back. But i lost all my photos on friendster arrgghhh...I can't show you T-T

So after graduated from my university i decided to become a makeup artist. I took private lesson in Bandung about 2 months and practiced almost everyday. I like when my customer smile after seeing my result. I love this job. I think i'm still learning too because makeup like fashion can change every season..So enjoy my blog and sorry if i have lots of mistake in my pronunciation.. >.<

Stay Beauty and Love Yourself ;)