Monday, April 30, 2012

dodo real loose powder "sweet deco"

Have you heard this cosmetic brand before?
dodo is a korean cosmetic. I bought dodo when i was in Guangzhou, China and I forgot about the price but it's not really expensive. And I want to show you my result of redesign dodo real loose powder with handmade clay.

I took this picture at Google. This is the real package before I redesign it.

Here's the result : " SWEET DECO dodo real loose powder"

so sweet right? ^^

i bought dodo real loose powder no. 02

My another hobby is making "sweet" clay. People usually say "deco" in Japanese language.
Now, dodo real loose powder become "dodo real sweet loose powder" in my hand :p

Thank you for reading my beauty blog
Hope you like it :)
Stay sweet and pretty always!

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