Sunday, April 27, 2014

I am so Blessed

Hai everyone!
How's your weekend today?

Me? I  am feeling so blessed today in the church :)
Preaching today is really nice theme " How Do We Overcome the Disappointment "

Honestly lately I felt disappointed with one of my relative and this preaching today is like slap me! Ouchhh..

Everyone certainly ever was disappointed. Who told never was a big liar!
We are disappointed with the people who are close to us, for example our wife, our husband, our boyfriend, our children's, our subordinate and even our boss. 

But how do we overcome the disappointment?

The answer is that we should be the same as Jesus Christ who accepts us as we are and the main thing is we able to forgive ourself first.

So we are not easy to be disappointed in the future and forgive those who have let us down.

I forgive you my relative..

I hope you are blessed too with this post. I'll see you in another post.
Happy Sunday and God bless you all!


Melisa Morgan

:: Outfit ::

Jacket : Sissae Qipao
Top : Baleno
Skirt : Topshop
Earrings : New Look
Bag : Balenciaga Mini
Shoes : Nine West
Makeup : Morgan Makeup
Photographer : My everything in this world " Ferdian S.K "

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Burberry Summer - Spring 2014

Love to die for!

Burberry Summer-Spring 2014 is so insanely gorgeous!!
Playing with pastel color, lace, jewel, mix pattern, nice cutting so so perfect for me <3

Let's take a look guys !

 This one is my favorite and I saw this coat at Senayan City for about $9000
I can buy a car then! >,<

Cara Delevingne on the catwalk

 I really want to wear this lace top and skirt. So pretty..

And here's some of bag collections :

and big applause for the designer :: Christopher Bailey ::

Thank you for reading and I'll see you in another post. Bubye!
Melisa Morgan

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rooftop Princess

Hai everyone!
Welcome to my fashion and beauty blog :)

Yesterday was raining and I took a photoshoot with my boyfriend. I have been prepared for this photoshoot and I was so sad if this photoshoot failed just because it was raining. But I felt like I want to share this look with all of you and made me happy done this photoshoot although was raining.

So let's take a look! :)

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I almost share all my pic to Instagram first :)

See you in another post! I wish you inspired by this look

:: Outfit ::

Hat : Carla Boutique
Shoes : Staccato
Makeup : Morgan Makeup
Photographer : Ferdian S.K

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sparkling Friendship Goes to Hong Kong with FOX'S

Hai everyone!

Who is your best friend?
For me, my Mom is my best friend...

Mom is my best friend, my shopping partner, and everything to me. FOX'S color inspiration most suitable for Mom is Fruits. Fruits are colorful, fresh and passionate just like my Mom. Although her age is not young but her spirit likes a young people. Mom is a fun figure and always support me in every way. Mama loves to take me sightseeing especially for shopping. For Mom shopping is one method to relieve stress and makes her heart happy. 

I am a person who can talk with all problems she got for my Mom. Mom told me when she got problems and talked to me, her heart instantly ease and calm. I am so glad she feels that :)
Therefore my FOX'S color inspiration is Passion Mints. 

So, what's your FOX'S color inspiration with your best friend?

Just share your story and upload your stylist pic with your best friend to and you have to like” FOX’S at or follow twitter @kilaufoxs for more information. Your pictures have to represent FOX'S color inspiration which are Purple, Orange, Green and Blue.

This contest will be held March 17 - June 22, 2014 and the Grand Prize is you and your best friend will go to Hong Kong for shopping free! Wohooo...

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join!


Melisa Morgan

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blue Denim Blue

Hai everyone!

Who can't live without denim? Put your hands up! :D
I can't live without denim. Denim has become a style in people dressing. So today I wanna share with you all how I mix my denim look. Here we go..

I am pairing my blue lace top with denim shirt to create vintage, sweet and feminine look

 Black hat and black pump heels. Because you never go wrong with black

Pearl necklace always be my favorite essential 

FYI, Giordano Indonesia invites us to show your best denim look at Instagram @giordanoid and tag with hashtags #essentiallyme #giordanodenimlook

The 4 lucky winners will have chance to get a mix & match consultation with the bloggers!
Who are all bloggers? 
Just follow @giordanoid at Instagram or Facebook and you will find out! :D

Thank you for keep watching on my blog. I will see you in another post. I hope you inspired by this look and I am waiting for your feedback, comments and compliments :p


Melisa Morgan

:: Outfit ::

Top : no brand
Shirt : Giordano #essentiallyme 
Hat : Carla Boutique
Jeans : Cop Copine
Necklace : no brand
Shoes : Staccato

Zara Printed Skirt Pairing with Pink Pastel Top

Hai everyone!

Today I wanna share with you how I am pairing Zara pleated printed skirt with pink pastel top from Le Bijou Shop
So, let's take a look :)

When the first time I saw this skirt, I was in love at the first sight. This skirt is like a painting for me and I really adore anything related with art. 

This skirt I am pairing with pastel pink top which color I love so much. 

I am adding Chanel pearl necklace 

and wearing my nude Chanel bow flat shoes

So thank you for reading this post and I hope you are inspired by this look :)
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I will see you in another post guys! 

:: Outft ::

Top : Le Bijou
Skirt : Zara
Necklace : Chanel
Shoes : Chanel
Bag : no brand
Makeup : Morgan Makeup
Photographer : Ferdian S.K

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How I Mix and Match Burberry Linen Polkadot Shirt

Hai everyone!

Today I wanna share with you guys how I mix and match Burberry polkadot shirt. This polka shirt from Burberry is famous nowadays. 

So, let's check out my look! :D

I am pairing with dark blue cut out skirt. Who is agree with me that the skirt cutting is so unique? That's why I bought this skirt <3 

and I am pairing a rainbow scarf as belt

Sometimes you have to recycle your old fashion stuff become a new one! 

Black shoes is a good choice for complete this whole look

and don't forget a statement necklace 

So thank you guys for reading this post. I hope you are inspired by this look and don't forget to follow me on Instagram @melisaamorgan. I am so glad if we can share and chat more about fashion things.

See you in another post!


:: Outfit ::

Top : Burberry
Bottom : Korean brand
Scraft as Belt : no brand
Necklace : Marni
Clutch : no brand ( I bought at Thailand )
Shoes : Staccato
Makeup : Morgan Makeup
Photographer : Ferdian S.K