Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pink is a New Black!

Hai everyone? It's weekend already! must be excited!
Are you agree with my opinion that pink is a new black? I am not insist you to agree with me :p
But for me pink is my color.
I don't know why when I was a little I always pick stuff with pink color on it. I realize that I like Hello Kitty maybe she wears pink ribbon *almost  hahahaha.

A lillte bit curious and I was googling about "What the meaning of Pink color?"

It said :

The Color Pink Represents:
Unconditional love: Pink relates to both unconditional love and romantic love.
Compassion: Empathy and understanding are the fuel for pink's nurturing.
Nurturing: Pink is both the giving and the receiving of love, understanding and respect.
Hope: Pink inspires the possibility of a positive outcome.

Effects of the Color Pink:
Calming: Pink calms our emotional energies.
Non-threatening: Pink lacks any aggression or anger, although the deeper pinks can be more assertive and confident.
Affectionate: Pink offers warmth and tenderness to friends and family.
Caring: Sensitivity and tender loving care relate to pink's feminine and intuitive energies.
Immature: Pink is the color of the sweet young girl, before life's experiences take over.

Pink is very berry sweet right? :D

If you are wearing pink, you can combine with black, yellow, green, blue, white, red. Almost all colors! That's why I love pink :)
For me pink is a new black!

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoy it and get something useful.
See you in another post!

: Outfit :

Top and Bottom lace : Valentino (Mille Clothing)
Boy's shirt : Jil Sander
Shoes : Valentino
Bag : dosail
Hat : Escada
Belt : unbrand
Necklace : unbrand
Makeup : Morgan Makeup
Photographer : Ferdian S.K 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I am Feeling Blue

Hai everyone!
I am so feeling blue today because of big rain every single day this week *kidding!
Actually I want to review my look with this blue dress from Velove Boutique
(IG : VELOVEBOUTIQUE) just follow :)

Love the back details <3

I am combining the dress with yellow blazer. Yellow blazer can make the blue dress color more come out. Blue and yellow are good colors for mix and match. 

You can wear this look for your friend's wedding day, brunch, attending fashion show and dinner with the lovely one :)

Thank you so much for reading my fashion post.
I hope you enjoy with this look :)
See you in another fashion post..

: Outfit :

Dress : Velove Boutique
Blazer : BCBG MaxAzria
Blue Bracelet : Jolie
Blue Nail Polish : YSL
Shoes : TOD'S
Clutch : Bottega Veneta
Makeup : MORGAN Makeup
Photographer : Ferdian S.K