Thursday, April 5, 2012

Graduation Makeup for My Client from Lampung

Thank's for Lilyanna Rukmana who promoted my makeup to Falianti Jakub from Lampung (South Sumatera) <3 <3

Unbelievable , that's was i thought when Falianti texted me with her Blackberry Messenger. She asked me make up for her graduation. Actually she comes from Lampung but studied at Parahyangan University Bandung (West Java). Yaay i got client from Lampung! ^^ Very excited! I woke up at 3 a.m and picked up by my boyfriend at 5 a.m. Her family were very welcome and treated us well..

So, i will show you my makeup for Falianti :

her lovely mother

her lil sis

Her mother gave me pempek (fish cake) from Lampung. I loves pempek! <3 <3
Thank you for Falianti's family. I hope you like my makeup and call me again! :)

Stay young and pretty always

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