Thursday, March 22, 2012

My First Beauty Blog

Yeaayyy..finally i have my beauty blog..i've been waiting so long and my friend Thomas Kurniawan a.k.a TK made it come true ^^. Very very big thanks to him. He always support what i do....<3 <3 my good friend T-T

Hmm,,i still confuse about "what language do i use in this blog?" maybe if i want to go international i have to use English but Bahasa is more easy expressing my feeling. So i decide to use both! yeayyy...sometimes i'll use English and sometimes i use Bahasa. Just fair, right? LOL

I love <3 makeup since i was in junior high school. I remember my mom used to buy some cosmetics like press powder, lipstick, eyeshadow, nail color, moisturizer etc. And i liked testing all on my face when my mom's not there..yaaa little things i need i said  haha! after that i shoot myself with "catchy style" with my phone camera. I used Nokia 6680 which had 2 cameras in front and the back. But i lost all my photos on friendster arrgghhh...I can't show you T-T

So after graduated from my university i decided to become a makeup artist. I took private lesson in Bandung about 2 months and practiced almost everyday. I like when my customer smile after seeing my result. I love this job. I think i'm still learning too because makeup like fashion can change every season..So enjoy my blog and sorry if i have lots of mistake in my pronunciation.. >.<

Stay Beauty and Love Yourself ;)

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