Saturday, April 28, 2012

One Day Makeup with BAM

Today i have a great time makeup with BAM! :)
Who's BAM?

Let me introduce BAM. BAM stands for Birgitta Angelika Mariana. She's one of my favorite makeup artist in Bandung. She calls her makeup project with MAKARA. Here's her Facebook link
My mom and I love her makeup result <3 <3

BAM at work

I think she is a professional makeup artist. She has lot's of portfolio makeup. Let me show you some BAM's makeup portfolio :

Very awesome right? 

I had an appointment with BAM on March to teach me her makeup technique and she was agree :)) yayyy!
So today we do it and here's the preparation :

Look how serious i am! hahaha trying so hard :p

Here's the final look :)

Natural make-up ala BAM

After the lesson, we are capturing our look with BAM's iPhone. 
Honestly after seeing iPhone (BAM's iPhone) with instagram application, i really want to have it.
Please somebody give me i-Phone! \ >.< /

Thank you for teaching me BAM :) Really appreciate and love it! 

Stay young and beautiful always 


  1. wihhh mantab... makin mantep nih mel... belajar dari orang hebat ^^

  2. amienn tom doakan makin sukses yaa..biar kaya u :))