Saturday, March 8, 2014

Korean Wedding Natural Makeup

Hai everyone!
This is weekend already and you must be excited for leisure and hanging out with your lovely buddies, right?

I watched the Korean drama " The Prime Minister and I " and in one scene there was a scene that Yoona got married. I really like the style of her wedding makeup in that film and I inspired by. 

Very natural and doesn't require heavy makeup. Very pretty at all! 

And this is my natural makeup look for wedding day :

Many asked what lipstick I used for this make up look. I used Bobbi Brown Nude Pink Lip Palette named Pale Pink and lip gloss from brand Jill Stuart no. 07

에쁘다 yepeuda!

So, thank you for reading this post. I need your feedback about this look and I wish you like it! Don't forget to follow my Instagram @melisaamorgan

See you in another post! 또만납시다 To Mannapsida
Have a beautiful Saturday and I wish you all happy today! :)

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