Monday, July 22, 2013

Make Up Class with Lioele July 20 Bandung

Hai everyone, last Saturday ( July 20 ) I was attending Lioele Make Up Class at Galeri Ciumbuleuit Magnolia room. I was excited with this class because I am a fan of Lioele Makeup.

Cute logo symbol <3 <3 Love it!

As they said Lioele seeks for guiding every woman to become the heroine of the their own special stories.

Yayyy! I am so excited to review and try all products <3 <3

 They added another Lioele's products on my table. So happy :)

They gave all the contestants one goodie bag and Lioele brochure cosmetic collection.

What's inside my goodie bag?
Sample of Dr. Ampoule (Pore Clean & Tightening)
Sample of Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream)
Brightening Mask 

First, they introduced to us how to clean our face before makeup and using skin care before applying makeup.  I aggre with that statement because we have to make a good canvas (face) before creating masterpiece / makeup. Make sure your face is clean and then next steps are peeling - masker - toner - lotion - and cream.

This is my nude face look ( a little bit pimple there :p )

Peeling your skin before using masker to remove dead skin cell for maximal result.

Don't laugh at me guys ^^

So guys I will show you skin care steps before applying makeup :

 Secret Pore Rich Balm to cover your big pores (Best Seller).

 All Day Lip Essence to moisture your lips before makeup and using lipstick.

Dollish Veil Vita BB for makeup base and vitamin care (Best Seller).

Super Gold Snail BB is use for anti-aging, tightening look and protect your skin optimal against 
UVA/UVB damage.

 How I look after using that 4 steps :)

After that, covering all with powder pact / twin cake to create finish matte look.

Oh so cute packaging!

You can apply this powder with sponge or brush. Sponge will create heavy look but using brush create 
light skin look. I am using natural beige for my skin tone.

It's time for eyebrow shaping!

I would like to create my eyebrow's shape like Korean girl :)

I am so sorry to skip my tutorial makeup and review Liole's makeup products. Because I am so excited creating my own look and forget to capture all. But don't worry I will show you my finish makeup look.


I was creating no-makeup sweet look as Lioele brand :)

I am so in love with all your products, Lioele!<3

Meet my new friend "Ester" from Lioele Beauty Class. I got a new friend at Lioele's makeup class and it's cool right? Never enough to make a friendship wherever you go.

She's so cool and pretty with her new look by the way :)

And finally our makeup's teacher "Dollnara" :

Thank you for sharing makeup with Lioele. You look like a doll! *seriously

So that's my review about Lioele makeup class. I hope you all enjoy reading my beauty blog.
See you in another beauty post!

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