Thursday, May 31, 2012

Color My Brows Review Etude House

I just bought two brow mascaras form Etude, name " Color My Brows" at Facebook online shop. Eyebrow Mascara can make your brows and shade more natural look.

The price for each is IDR 75.000 (very cheap from the counter's price). That's why i love online shop! :p :p :p

You can find brow mascara inside the package.
Net. 4.5g (0.15 oz)

Number 1 calls Rich Brown, and
Number 2 calls Light Brown

Here's the result :

 Using number 1 Rich Brown

Using number 2 Light Brown

Both very nice colors, huh? Cheap price and good quality.
Which one do you like? Tell me.. :D

Thank you for reading my beauty blog :)
Stay young and pretty always!


  1. Is that difficult to apply if we have thin eyebrow?

  2. No, it's not difficult just add powder eyebrow (eyeshadow) first with same color :)