Thursday, March 6, 2014

5th Anniversary at Royal Stag Bistro

Hai everyone!
Yesterday was our (me & boyfriend) 5th Anniversary! I was so excited because we were going to celebrate at Royal Stag Bistro. Royal Stag Bistro is located at Jl. Bukit Dago Utara no. 2, Bandung. It is the first Bistro in Bandung that has British Vintage concept. The dishes being offered are inspired from British traditional recipes which can be enjoyed inside a warm old-living room atmosphere. You can click here for more information about.

Actually we got lost before we reached this place. Very silly! Hahaha..

Considering we have been living in Bandung and did not remember the way to Dago. Indeed, so many cafes area are located on top of mountains and hills in Dago Bandung.

So what food we ordered?

I ordered Fish and Chips. I am a seafood lover :) and my boyfriend ordered Saint Gothard's Steak. It tasted pretty good to me. 

For the drink, I liked to order mint tea which was served with owl-shaped glass. So cute! My boyfriend ordered fresh unique drink named Royal Mocktail.

Royal Mocktail contains strawberry, mint, lime and soda.

After finished eating, we ordered dessert as closing and the choice fell to the Apple Crumble. yummy! You have to try sometime :)

Cafe interior is truly unique. The lights were hung on ceiling can be different types and models. Fake deer heads became interior decoration. Abstrack patterned wallpaper decorate the walls of cafe.

So, let's check out what I wore yesterday!

I was wearing batik lace dress from talented designer named Oviivory. You can check her Instagram @oviivory or visit the website 

We asked the waiter to took us a photograph but the result turned into blur hahaha..

It feel weird if we didn't have our photograph in our 5th Anniversary so we used my boyfriend's handphone and here's the result :

Pretty enough, right? :D

We chatted and evaluated how our relationship within five years. Of course a lot of ups and downs that we have been through together. Mutual respect and understanding will give a long-lasting relationship.

"You don't love someone because they're perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they're not. Thanks for being with me within five years. Happy 5th anniversary honey! God bless our relationship. Love you more and more every single day.."

Thank you for reading my post :)
See you in another post ya! Bubyee..

:: Outfit ::

Shoes : Nine West
Bracelet : no brand
Clutch : Thomas Wylde
Makeup : Morgan Makeup
Photograph : Ferdian S.K

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