Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gyaru Look for Anna Sui Eye Color Collection MD IV

Anna Sui Eye Color Collection MD IV is a limited edition collection from Anna Sui ;)  
Of course! I love limited edition ^^

I bought this pallete about IDR 400.000 at PVJ Sogo Counter, Bandung.

Here's the nice colors, very soft and the purple color is Anna Sui's color.

Aaaaaaw..very very nice! >.<

Colors preview

When I saw this colors (very colorful and soft) I remember about Gyaru <3

So i decided to makeover like Gyaru with this collection. I wish i could be one of them ;p ;p ;p LOL

Here's my makeover result:

Yup! I created my Gyaru look for Anna Sui Collection Eye Color MD IV. I pretend that i was a gyaru girl :)

Am I looking like gyaru?
Except the color's hair ;p 

I think the colors collection is very suitable for Gyaru look.
So, how about you? :) Have you ever tried this look before? Share with me <3

Thank you for reading my beauty blog
Stay Cute and Pretty always!


  1. I love the collection <3 So cute and sweet colours :D And your make up is amazing. really beautiful :3

  2. Thank you Vivi and Minzy :D you both look beautiful also <3 <3

  3. Oh you like anna sui model, look like doll.
    Your eyeshadow so blended. I like it