Tuesday, October 7, 2014

3CE Ice Cream Kit #Pink Biscuit

Hai everyone!

Today I wanna review about my new palette makeup from 3CE Ice Cream Kit #Pink Biscuit. 3CE makeup is very famous nowadays. I love their model : Sora Park, who is very pretty and stylist also.
Honestly this is the first time I had 3CE product. I bought it pre-loved from online shop named Belle Shop with good condition and good price also! :) :) :) *Yippieee

They have good packaging and nice illustration too.

The combination of colors in this package is soft except the color of lip crayon, very bright!
That is a characteristic of this makeup. Simple eyes with bold and bright lipstick.

3CE Ice Cream Kit #Pink Biscuit

1. Baby Chou ( Face Blush )
2. Gold Pink ( Highlighter )
3. Valenti, Venus, Go-light ( One Color Shadow | Sparkling )
4. Neon Pink ( Jumbo Lip Crayon )

 :: This is my makeup look using this palette ::

Hopefully I already look like Sora Park :p :p *LOL

For eyes, I put color Go-light first and combine with Venus. 
Then create thin eyeliner and put color Valenti lower my eyes.

I am just wearing mascara and not wearing false lashes for this look. 
This makeup style priority is natural look.

I really like 3CE Jumbo lip crayon. The color is very stand out and easy to apply but I forgot to buy 3CE lip crayon sharpener :( It will become on my list :)

Thank you for reading my beauty post. I hope you like it and can become your inspiration what to buy next on your makeup list :)
I'll see you in another post. Bubyee!

Melisa Morgan

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