Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stripe Me Up

Hai everyone! Happy fasting day :)
Today I wanna show you how I combine stripey set from maize clothing (Riviera Collection).

I was pairing stripey set with statement necklace, swarovski bracelet and gorgeous black & white strap shoes. Combining all create glamour but simple lady look. Like a girl who lives in "Big Glam" city. So the girl has to be fashionable and comfortable everyday ;p 

Believe it or not (but I believe) that strap shoes can make your look stunning. As my experience if my outfit is so so then I put my strap shoes, voila! the whole look will change. 

Statement necklace is famous nowadays. As a glam chick lady it's a must thing to have one or two or maybe hundred of statement necklace! ^^ *kidding

Wearing your simple bag will make your activity more flexible and not too much. 

For hairdo is enough to make a pony tail. By the way it's hot lately :D

Thank you so much for reading my fashion post today. I hope you like this look :)
See you in another fashion post! Bubyeee..

: outfit :
stripey set by maize clothing
statement necklace Marni
shoes Staccato
bracelet Korea
bag Chanel
makeup by Morgan Makeup
photographer by Ferdian S.K

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