Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Driver's Makeover

Yaa..You'r no wrong! i was make over my private driver. Her name is Rosni and her friends calls Oshin (Japanese Girl) but i call her "aunty Ros". She is 43 years old and finally have two beautiful daughters. She works as a driver and a housewife too. She admited that the last time she's wearing make up when she was married..OMO! she's not feminine as we are :p

Ros with her little daughter at Pizza Hut

so i decided to make over over her..
here's the final result :

can you believe this is her? hehehe

Ros likes a korean woman..she was wearing wig that i bought from online shop ;p 
she's beautiful :) my mom was shocked and told her to makeup everyday ^^

This is the photo with no wig, her real hair

Ros told me that her friends, her sisters, brothers were shocked look after her. They said that she is beautiful and asked her "who's make over you? can i have her BB pin (Blackberry)?" hahaha...Some friends said that she looks like Rossa (Indonesian Singer), because she has a similar name with Rossa.
So if u want to make over just call me and i will make it happen. I am so happy making woman more beautiful as always ^^

Thank's to my mom who lend me her beautiful dresses for this photoshoot :)

Stay young and beautiful always :))

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