Friday, September 5, 2014

Lazy Bright Friday

Hai everyone!

This is Friday and the weather is very hot. It makes me lazy and wanna lay in my bed like The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars :) But before I lay in my bed, I wanna show you what I am wearing today :

Pretty simple just pairing blue-white top with orange baggy pants and white platform heels. 
Well, I hope this bright pants makes me a little bit awake :p

I hope you have a nice day and inspired by this look. Thanks God it's Friday and tomorrow is weekend already. Do you have any plan to go?

Thank you for reading this post. I'll see you in another post!

Melisa Morgan

:: Outfit ::

Top : @adolescentclothline (Instagram)
Pants : Spell Boutique
Platform Heels : Staccato Hongkong
Photographer : Ferdian S.K
Makeup : Morgan Makeup

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  1. This is so cute. Very cheerful colors. Following