Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bobbi Brown 20th Anniversary 1991 Lip Palette

OMO! the colors are gorgeous!..That the first i thought when i saw this palette..
My mom admitted that the lipstick colors of Bobbi Brown are nice :)

Price : $60

Let's see :

from left to right :
Berry Punch , Atomic Pink
Party Pink, Candied Red
Hot Berry, Blackberry

Here's the complete colors of the palette

I didn't try this one by one so tired hahaha  *lazy girl. Just picked the colors i liked to try ;p
But this palette is recommended for all MUA (Make Up Artist). You just have beautiful colors in one palette and it's BOBBI BROWN. What a lovely! <3 <3

Thanks for reading my beauty blog
Stay young and pretty :)

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