Friday, May 9, 2014

Questions and Answers

Tell about yourself?
- I was the one who likes beautiful things. Like fashion since childhood because my mom has a huge wardrobe hahaha and I love peace! Let's make a peace in this world guys!

What inspired you to start blogging?
- First I did not actually know about the world of blogging. My college friend that Thomas Kurniawan made ​​me a blog because he knows my love and passion for makeup and beauty things. So my first blog in 2012 was about makeup and then turning to fashion & makeup blog. And now I really enjoy blogging :)

Can you describe your own personal style?
- My personal style tends to feminine chic style. I love ribbons, flowers, dolls, skirts, lace, bright and pastel color. Like a girly things hahaha..

Is there a person that is a fashion/beauty inspiration to you?
- Of course! They are Mayo Wo, Wendy Nguyen, Connie Cao, PearyPie, and Michelle Phan.

What do you love most about blogging?
- Although I have not had a lot of followers but I love it when I am blogging. Because blog like my diary. I can make a collection of my style inspiration whether it's fashion or makeup from year to year. And I was glad when someone inspired and write it on my comments column :)

Do you have any fashion rules?
- I think I don't. As long as I am comfortable with what I'm wearing that is my fashion style :)

What is your MUST HAVE beauty or fashion items?
- For beauty things : Lipstick with bright color & fake lashes and for fashion things : all about lace, and clothes with good cutting and tailoring.

The biggest challenge about fashion blogging?
- While there's no a photographer when I was ready with new concept of style. It was very make me upset sometimes. Hahaha..but my boyfriend as a photographer always set aside time to help me in taking a good angle in every picture. Thank you darling *kiss.

Thank you for reading my interview. I'll see you in another post!


Melisa Morgan

:: Outfit ::

Top : Mille
Hat : Carla Boutique
Bottom : Mille
Shoes : Staccato
Makeup : Morgan Makeup
Photographer : Ferdian S.K ( IG : @ferdian_kriswandhani )


  1. love the skirt! <3