Friday, May 2, 2014

Dorothy Perkins Styling Competition

Hai everyone!

FIMELA.COM with Dorothy Perkins Indonesia held "Styling Competition" where you asked to create 2 looks inspired by Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials. They are :

For this competition I am choosing The Cami for my style essential. 

Wearing a camisole for me can show the sexiness and the elegant of a woman. Ignore what people say that wearing camisole is for a cheap woman! You can pairing camisole with printed skirt like I do. Let's take a look!

You can wear this look for hangout with your girl friends, shopping time, tea time, brunch even attending garden party :)

Camisole can be used for formal as well like to work in an office, attending meetings or meeting clients.

Just pairing with tailor pants and your favorite cardigan plus stunning earrings and necklace.

So starting today camisole is one of the essential that you have to hanging in your closet!

Are you ready joining Dorothy Perkins Styling Competition like I did?

Here's the Terms & Condition :
1. Follow official twitter Dorothy Perkins: @DPerkins_ID
2. Like account fanpage Dorothy Perkins -
3. Upload 2 styling photos that you have created to facebook Fimela Media
4. Styling inspiration must come from Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials
5. Give a short description (2-3 sentences) for uploaded photos on Facebook Fanpage Fimela Media

The competition will held from 11 April 2014 - 16 May 2014 no age restrictions and the winner prize will get Dorothy Perkins voucher :
Winner 1: Rp. 10,000,000
Winner 2: Rp.  5,000,000
Winner 3: Rp.  3,000,000

So tempting, isn't it ? What are you waiting for!?
Choose your Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials as soon as possible and share it!


Melisa Morgan

:: Outfit 1 ::

Camisole : Victoria's Secret
Necklace : no brand
Skirt : Zara
Shoes : Staccato

:: Outfit 2 ::

Camisole : Victoria's Secret
Cardigan : Baking Soda
Necklace : Chanel
Pants : Givenchy
Shoes : Staccato

Makeup : Morgan Makeup
Photographer : Ferdian S.K

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