Friday, July 11, 2014

Chaca is Celebrating 4th Birthday Party

Hai everyone!

Today is Chaca's birthday. Who doesn't know Chaca? Put your hands up!
Well let me introduce you, Chaca is my lovely cute dog. She is a red toy poodle and today she is celebrating her 4th birthday party. She is so cute and lovely...I mean it! So, wanna see my Chaca?


So cute right?

She loves smiling

What a silly face! xP

I bought her mocha tart cake because she likes mocha tart.
Btw, what a nice dress Chaca!

This cake is from Anata Bakery, Bandung. 
So delicious... My boyfriend and Chaca like this cake also.

She can't wait to taste the cake :) 
Please be patient! Take pictures first then you can eat the cake as you like, Chaca. 

Okay mom! Oukayy..

My boyfriend put a birthday cap to her and she looked so happy.

Awww...she looks so happy today! I am the most happy person seeing her smiling like that :))

:: Happy Birthday to you Chaca! be nice, pretty and kind dog yaa..::
Love you to the moon and back, back again and back again without plane crash! Hahaha..


Melisa Morgan

PS : I am wearing this lovely ribbon tattoo from @potatoo1 follow their Instagram

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