Monday, October 1, 2012

First Day Working at My Own Make Up Studio

Hello :)
It was first working day at my makeup studio. Yes, finally i have my own makeup studio yayyy! :)  First client was my friend, Tjia Melisa.
She would attended wedding party at GH Universal Hotel, Bandung.
For a bad news, she had an accident fallen by motorcycle a week a go :(

She is Tjia Melisa :)

Very sorry about the accident :(

My desk and mirror makeup ^^
My boyfriend help me for this. Thank you Mr.F :D

I have to make her look pretty than ever!

So, here's the result, TADAA!

She looks pretty and gorgeous, right?

Thank you for trusting MORGAN makeup :)
Hope you like it Tjia Melisa <3


  1. Wow! Congrats on ur make up studio :-) You did great on your client ^^