Friday, September 21, 2012

L'Oreal nail polish 602 Perle De Jade Miss Candy Collections

This month i am crazy about mint pastel color <3
I love this color so much and I don't know why hahaha just crazy about it! :)
Maybe you can call me "mint madness"

And what's make me happy?

I found L'Oreal new collections Miss Candy launched nail polish 602 Perle De Jade and it is mint color!! yeayyyyy...!!

I was so excited and no longer bought it from L'Oreal counter cosmetic ;p ;p

The price is very cheap IDR 49.000. Very worth it, right?

602 Perle De Jade, 5ml
Don't worry take this size when you are traveling too :)

Tada! here's the result..

So happy and in love with this color :))

Thank you for reading my beauty blog!
Keep shine and young always

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