Monday, October 8, 2012

Ombre Unicorn by Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow Towne Car

 Hi, today i wanna show you my new beauty thing " Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow, town car"

 towne car 4.50g / 0.16 oz

I bought this cream shadow at online shop with adorable price IDR 145.000,- (very lucky me!)

I really love the color because it's combination between my favorite color pink and shimmery gold. So i wanna try this on my eyes. Here's the result :

I name it "Ombre Unicorn" style :D

Why's ombre?

I create my lips become ombre look. Very famous nowadays!

 Fun with your lipsticks guys :D

Last question : Why's unicorn?
Answer : Because i'm wearing unicorn top >.< hahahahaha LOL!

The real answer is when I think about unicorn  I imagine about white, pink and gold colors :)
Benefit cream shadow tone car is very suitable for my unicorn :D

Thank you for reading my beauty blog
Stay chic and young always!

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