Friday, February 21, 2014

OOTD When I Was a Kid

Hai everyone! 

Today I wanna talk about OOTD but OOTD when I was a kid..
Have you ever did OOTD when you were a child?
No realize all would had of childhood memories photo album. So have I..
The unique thing is my mom loved to take pictures of me and my brother. 
Maybe why I love photography is transmitted from my mom. 
Until today I was delighted when being photographed. It has been trained since childhood :)

Let's see the picture!

I know definitely my mom had me did a pose like this! hahaha..
She was like my fashion stylist that day. My mom was pairing floral top with legging and black ribbon flat shoes. I love ribbon! My mom knows me so well since I was a kid. Love you mom!
This outfit is very comfortable for hanging out to the swimming pool with family :)

I remember my mom took this picture before I was going to church with my favorite doll. Plaid dress comparing with my comfortable sneakers and simple sling bag. This is so me! Ready attended Sunday school, let's go!

This picture took when I was celebrate my 1st birthday party at my grandparent's house. I love the rabbit shoes.. I wonder how can I posed like that? I am just 1 year old! Hahahaha..

All of bellow pictures is not taking by my mom. My mom took me and my brother to studio photography named "Singawalang". I remember I had to followed the instruction by the photographer and there was a stylist too who picked outfit I had to wear. Adorable right?

I always laugh to my self when I see this picture. My mom is amazing! She spared her busy time for done this photoshoot. 

 What a cutie pose!? This called vintage meet retro I think :)

These are all memories, memories that will not be forgotten until I die. Thank you my mom for making me stylist since I was a kid until now. My mom is my fashion stylist!

Thank you for reading my fashion post. I hope you enjoy!
See you in another post!


  1. Mell, cute bgt foto-fotonya. Asli, retro abis, hihi. Your mom is so cool!