Wednesday, February 19, 2014

God With Me (sharing)

Today I have a strange experienced..

I was already had an appointment with my dentist for wisdom teeth surgery today at 11.00. At first feeling I felt fear at the moment (if possible I want to run away!) but the doctor said calm to me and stay relaxed.

The doctor explained that the condition of my wisdom teeth (through x-rays) is not growing normal and it is very disturbing my activity lately. My head was dizzy often because of the tooth root pressing my nerve. I felt dizzy if I stand for a long time and made me nauseous ( feeling about to vomit).

After getting an injection of anesthetic, the operation began. No pain at all. I just heard the sound tok tok tok and drilling tools. All I do was praying to God and singing in my heart (worship His name).

Until finally around 13:00, I felt an incredible sense of creeping spread to my chest. I raised my hand as instruction by the doctor, if there is pain immediately raised your hand. I felt an incredible pain in my chest! Totally!

I was difficult to breathe! I want to cry because it happened sudden. Felt bad and I am not comfortable at all with my body. I don't know what's wrong. Doctors also may feel same way. Doctors felt panicked and told me to try breathing through my nose slowly. My mind is a mess, I started coughing. It was like going to die!

The room began to spin in my head. Seeing the doctor was out of focus.
Oh my God .. If I was going to DIE here?

That's what on my mind at that time. I started looking for my boyfriend who was waiting at the doctor's desk. I'm sure he was definitely panicked seeing me like that. But he doesn't want to see panic because it will make doctors more panic again. Tightness has not been disappear. Cold sweat began to appear.
Yes .. I got sweat and my feet cold. Suffering at the time ..

The doctor gave a sweet tea and after that turning my head with down position. Maybe it's possible for good blood circulation and flowing into my head. Not to long the creeping slowly disappeared. My spinning head also started returning to normal. The doctor said what I was able to do surgery again or not? I said yes but my doctor can not believe in me. 
Finally the doctor sewed my gums and recommend that the surgery will postponed until next week until my condition improved.

What I want to share here is that I was so grateful that the Lord still loves MELISA MORGAN. 

Suffering just disappear. I can't imagine what happened when I didn't pray to God asked guidance last night and before surgery. 

Maybe in your opinion, dental surgery is a small operation but it can be dangerous too. We will never know what will happen with our life every time. 

I am lucky to have a God who always keeps me up until this moment. I never felt grateful like this way. God must be have a plan for what I have through today. 
Hopefully this story can bless you all and the operation can go through smoothly next week. 

Thank you <3

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