Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Dinner With The Lovely One

Hai everyone!
Today, me and my boyfriend are having Christmas dinner at Porto Resto. We are really excited because we are going to have European foods, we can date again and of course cause of Christmas Dinner! Yayyy…:) We were busy because of work lately.

This place is so nice to hangout with family, bestfriends even boyfriend. I am so recommend this place and foods taste good also!

Before enjoying the main course, I am having a cup of peppermint tea with my honey. You know that I am feeling like I am in Europe tonight. I can enjoy the Christmas song, lot's of foreign people here and now I am having a cup of tea with my lovely one! I am so blessed God.

He is waiting for his food :)

 TADA!! This is mine and..

 that are tempting right? :)

We are trying Christmas special cake "Wasabi Cake"

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you have fun while reading this post. We want to say "Merry Christmas 2013 and Happy New Year 2014" to all of you. Love you more and more..<3 <3

: Outfit :
Dress : RedValentino
Coat : Tsumori Chisato
Bag : RedValentino
Shoes : RedValentino
Bracelet : Marnova
Ring : YSL
Makeup : Morgan Makeup
Photographer : Ferdian S.K, Melisa Morgan, waitress


  1. mell cantikk bangettt!!!!
    fotonya keren- kerennn, makanannya apa lagii, aaahhh laperrrrr~~~

    kapan maen lagi yuk mell k jakarta! gw sekosan nih ma si Tommm hihihhihi

  2. Hai Edna! Makasih yah buat pujiannya yang bikin idung melayang hahaha..
    Hayu kapan kita gathering blogger? Jadi ga anyway? :)