Monday, June 10, 2013

First Fashion Blog *don't judge me :)

Today I was doing photoshoot with my boyfriend (as a photographer). Yaa he always be my favorite photographer ❤
I just got my new bag which is one of my wishlist bags this year : 

"Phillip Lim Pashli mini" 
and I am very excited to do photoshoot with my new bag :) and the point is the color is pink! :p
so here are the results :

outfit by Kenzo
necklace from Marni
ankle boots from Staccato
bag from Phillip Lim Pashli mini
makeup & hairdo by Morgan Makeup
photographer by Ferdian S.K

Photoshoot was fun and I was a little awkward when my boyfriend took pictures of me because I am not a model and not used to about this before. But honestly it was fun! I am gonna do it again *promise! 

Thank you for reading my first fashion blog. I hope you enjoy it and always support me ❤❤
See you in another fashion post! Bubyee