Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Anna Sui Balancing Cleanser

Do you need a practice cleanser?  
Removes all face makeup and gently for a refreshed and moist your skin at time?

This is the answer :

Anna Sui Balancing Cleanser

180 ml , price IDR 270.000

Why i love this product?

1. The scent of white rose create of elegance feel during my skincare routine
2. Gentle on skin, tough on makeup
3. Smooth, hydrated my skin

How to use :
Use approximately 3 pumps of cleanser onto cotton and blend well to remove makeup. Continue to blend using fresh cotton pads until the cotton pad comes up clean.

After applying this removing my makeup everyday, I feel more hydrated and smooth on my skin.
Just try it on! :D

Thank you for reading my beauty blog
Stay clean and fresh!

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  1. Hi, there^^
    First, let me introduce my self, I'm Deasy from
    I've been running google search looking for review about this product. And I found ur lovely blog. Actually I want to buy this product too. And I was quite curious with the ingredient list, since I'm allergic to mineral oil and some of Anna Sui products contain it. Lucky this one is free from mineral oil so I can use it.
    Thank u for providing nice review, clear pictures completed with the ingredient list too.
    Have a nice day :)